WebDB Workshop at SIGMOD 2015 in Melbourne
WebDB 2015 — 18th International Workshop on the Web and Databases
at SIGMOD 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, on 2015-05-31
Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

WebDB 2015

The Web is changing during the last decade, and becoming an evolving source of information and knowledge, with content being derived, generated, shared or simply annotated by end-users. The heterogeneity of data formats and applications affects the way knowledge is produced and consumed. This shift from the old Web, in which knowledge was statically generated, to the new Web, where semantics can be exploited by ordinary users, who actively participate in knowledge creation, dissemination and maintenance, is presenting new opportunities and challenges. The focus of this year’s WebDB workshop is on novel techniques for modeling and reasoning about freshness, correctness and quality of information and knowledge on the Web. We solicit contributions from the data management community, in which traditional data management techniques are extended, adapted and extensively tested, in support of a transition from the Web of Data to the Web of Knowledge.